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People holding onto base of pipe filled with water trying to turn it upside-down

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Upside Down

Challenging & enthralling group initiative for small groups.

Blind Maze

Team-based problem-solving exercise for small groups.

Geared Up

Fast-paced, highly interactive circle game for large groups.


Fun & creative story-telling exercise to explore mindsets.

Phones & Faxes

Fun group initiative to explore the skill of multitasking.

If Then

Playful partner game to inspire creativity & interaction.

Paradigm Shift

Quick, engaging exercise to explore different perspectives.


Super-fun large group activity ideal for wide open spaces.

Overhand Knot

Terrific group problem-solving exercise to teach perspective.


Fast-paced circle game involving fun sounds & movements.

Spaghetti Junction

Complex group initiative using simple equipment.

A What?

Outrageously fun & deceptively simple circle passing game.

Freeze Action

Gentle interactive movement exercise to show leadership.

Rhyme or Reason

Playful elimination game to develop literacy skills.

Need A Shoelace

A team-based treasure hunt with a difference.

Wild Woosey

Extremely dynamic traversing challenge for pairs.


Exciting team-based, pattern-finding group initiative.

Be Prepared

Raucous medley of spontaneous small group activity fun.


Physically demanding team challenge with lifting at height.

Swinging Log

Extremely dynamic traversing element for one or more people.


Fun, collaborative catching game for groups of all sizes.

All Aboard

Ground-based challenge to foster planning & creativity.

Mohawk Iron-workers Walk

Increasingly difficult traversing challenge for groups.

Spider’s Web

Classic group initiative to pass through a web of strings.