Top Activity Uploads for May 2021

There have been a bunch of new activities uploaded to playmeo’s online activity database this past month. Here are two that I think you and your groups will really enjoy (and should not miss.)


If you’re jaded by the ‘majority rule’ system of making decisions, then take a look at Twenty-One. I experienced this powerful decision-making tool at a professional event more than a year ago and it’s taken me this long to nail down the details (I’m blaming the pandemic.) This simple yet powerful strategy presumes that the collective wisdom of the group will always make the best decisions. The trick is, how do you distil this wisdom in the most effective way. All you need are pens and paper for everyone and about 10-15 minutes to solve this problem.

Mirror Neurons

You can never have enough partner activities, especially those that energise your group and inspire ample non-threatening interactions. Introducing Mirror Neurons, a wonderfully interactive exercise that is inspired by a deck of We Connect Cards. If you don’t have a deck of these cards (yet!) don’t worry – there are alternatives. There are two things I love about this game, apart from the fun involved. One, the essence of the exercise reflects brain-based technologies which is neat, and two, it’s also extremely flexible when it comes to the needs of your group. Find a wide-open space, distribute the action cards and form pairs to get the fun started.


Other activity uploads for May 2021 include We Engage Cards, Balloonarama and We Connect Cards.


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