Two sets of pairs standing together, as part of playing Name Train group initiative

Name Train

Group of people holding hands and moving quickly as part of Quick Line-Up energiser

Quick Line-Up

Four people in tight circle about to sit on each others laps, one of a variety of fun large group games called Lap Circle

Lap Circle

Boy with talk bubble, playing Kram Dralloc name game

Kram Dralloc

Two people trying to tag each others knees in Knee Tag Game

Knee Tag

Three people with big smiles, playing Super Smile group game, one of many great energizers, warm-up games, stretches

Super Smile

Two women involved in Isometric Stretch to warm-up their bodies

Isometric Stretch

Overhead view of group of hands holding onto a hula hoop, as seen in Hula Hoop Debrief

Hula-Hoop Debrief

Two people hugging while a third is running past them, in Hug Tag game

Hug Tag

Three people sitting in a circle tapping their hands in energiser called Galloping Hands

Galloping Hands

Two people moving quickly in a fast tag and PE game called Walk Tag

Walk Tag

Three people holding hands and leaning back in warm-up stretch exercise called Yurt Circle

Yurt Circle

Two people holding hands playing fun circle game called Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game

Group discussing team-building improvements in Coloured Ball Debrief, one of many debriefing activities for how to conduct a debrief

Coloured Ball Debrief

Two men running around in tag and PE game called Clothes-Peg Tag

Clothes-Peg Tag

Group of people playing fun group game called Caught Ya Peekin'

Caught Ya Peekin’

Group of people performing series of zany antics as part of fun large group energiser called Bill and The Button Factory

Bill & The Button Factory

Three people playing a fun circle game using their hands as Antlers on heads


Large group moving to the commands of fun game called Mr & Mrs Wright

Mr & Mrs Wright

Fun large group game of counting to 20 called Count Off

Count Off

People sitting in circle playing Knee Impulse tapping hands on their neighbour's knees

Knee Impulse

People chasing one another on the lines of a basketball court called Basketball Court Tag, one of many running tag games

Basketball Court Tag

Woman chasing man trying to grab his fabric tail, as seen in fun tag and PE game called Tail Tag

Tail Tag