Illustration of cat stretching as part of Breathe and Stretch

Breathe & Stretch

Illustration of checklist as used for Inspiring Check-ins

Inspiring Check-Ins

Mirror Neurons activity

Mirror Neurons

Two people moving as part of Active Intros

Active Intros

Black & white line drawing of a mandala


Illustration of person playing Blind Portraits trust-building game

Blind Portraits

Illustration of man using Hour Glass challenge course element


Two flags waving depicting the Unofficial Start

Unofficial Start

Person holding letter card that starts with initial of Inspired

Starts With

Collaborative Drawing image showing two people working together to create a piece of artwork

Collaborative Drawing

Set of colourful cards called Emoji Cards used for reflection and other fun purposes

Emoji Cards

Man throwing ball downwards, as seen in tag & PE game called Monarch Tag

Monarch Tag

Set of hand-drawn picture cards called Climer Cards used in many reflection exercises

Climer Cards

Two balloons hitting each other as part of Balloon Propulsion Debrief

Balloon Propulsion Debrief

Three people with books on their heads playing Deportment Tag

Deportment Tag

Group of people playing Around The World in pairs

Around The World

Four people standing in line with interlocked elbows, as part of Making Connections ice breaker game

Making Connections

Two people in a circle with hands on top of their partners playing Down By The Banks energiser

Down By The Banks

Man demonstrating an action to a woman in fun energiser Do As I say game

Do As I Say

Group of people jumping up and down like Popping Corn, one of many group problem-solving activities

Popping Corn

Three talk bubbles featuring a heart, happy face and hands as discussed in Three H Debrief

Three H Debrief

Man tapping woman on shoulder as part of fun partner game called Robot Walk

Robot Walk

Why debrief? Three sets of partners sharing with one another as part of fun get-to-know-you activity called Paired Shares ice-breaker and Paired Share Debrief

Paired Share Debrief

Two sets of pairs standing together, as part of playing Name Train group initiative

Name Train