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Critical Thinking

Group games are ideal for developing critical-thinking skills


The link between critical thinking and one’s education is obvious – you can’t learn well unless you think well.

Critical thinking is the ability to look at problems in new ways, to analyse how parts of a whole interact with one another and to interpret information and draw conclusions.

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills were once thought to be the domain of gifted people. Today, they are necessary for every individual and group who seeks to make sensible decisions about financial, health, civic, workplace and leisure activities.

The solutions to international concerns such as climate change and global warming require highly developed critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. These skills include the ability to effectively analyse and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs.


Benefits of Developing Critical-Thinking Abilities

The ability to solve interesting and unfamiliar problems often leads to the development of other skills such as increased engagement, higher concentration levels and improved thought processing.

Here are a few examples of experiences that occur in many programs which may provide you with an opportunity to focus on problem-solving skills:

  • Forming a project team to solve an existing, yet complex problem.
  • Thinking of a new campaign slogan to broadcast a difficult, yet important message.
  • Adopting a rational, analytical and evidence-based approach to investigate a conflict.
  • Challenging one of your group’s long-held beliefs or practices.

Naturally, one of the most powerful (not to mention, enjoyable) ways to develop and strengthen your group’s problem-solving skills is to employ the use of fun group games.


Group Activities Which Develop Critical-Thinking Skills

The images below provide links to a sample of simple group activities which may help you develop the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities of your group, drawn from playmeo’s ever-expanding activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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We Engage Cards

Thought-provoking series of cards to inspire engagement.


We Connect Cards

Set of question cards to inspire meaningful conversations.


Walk & Stop

Active game to inspire good listening & reflex skills.


Are You More Like

Series of questions which help identify difference.


River Crossing

Classic team puzzle that focuses on critical thinking.


Emoji Cards

Useful set of emotive cards to encourage fun & reflection.


Climer Cards

Fun deck of cards to inspire team-building & creativity.


Making Connections

Simple ice-breaker to connect group members to others.