Practise & strengthen collaboration skills with dozens of fun & challenging group initiatives


Working together to achieve a common goal has always been useful, but in our interconnected world, it is essential to the accomplishment of almost all significant work today.

For example, consider the collaborative culture of Wikipedia, which has clearly demonstrated how people working together can produce highly valuable and inclusive results.

Collaboration leverages the synergistic elements of diverse groups of people, where the group is often smarter than the most intelligent person in the team. Working collaboratively also brings multiple perspectives to bear on a group’s problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Collaborative efforts not only create more holistic results, but this work creates access to more information, expertise and skills than any one individual can bring.

Yet, as complex and dynamic beings, it can also be very hard for some people to focus on the benefits of collaboration instead of the rewards of individual effort and competition. Therefore, the development of this skill requires strong leadership to help your group focus on the benefits of working together effectively.


Group Activities Are A Fun Way To Build Collaboration Skills

As with most experiential-based programs, there are many practical examples of how you can develop collaborative efforts in your program:

  • Inviting your group to participate in one or more group problem-solving initiatives;
  • Inviting two or more people to co-author an article, report or presentation;
  • Team up with experts from multiple disciplines to lead a long-term project;
  • Ensure that everyone has been consulted for their opinion before a decision is made; and
  • Seeking feedback from your peers to help you continuously improve.


Great Examples of Activities Which Focus on Collaboration

The images below provide links to a sample of fun and highly-interactive group activities which focus specifically on the benefits of working collaboratively, drawn from playmeo’s huge activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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