What people are saying about playmeo testimonials


Headshot of Nate, adventure programmer, who loves using playmeo's activity database to view activity videos and access activities on my phone

As a premium subscriber, I love that I can quickly access 100s of activities on my phone, anywhere.

- Nate, experiential trainer, USA

Headshot of Rashid, playmeo subscriber, who saved money not attending a course about training games

I was going attend a course about training games, but then I discovered playmeo – I saved so much money & can access these materials 24/7.

- Rashid, corporate trainer, Oman

Headshot of Seth Houser, recommends playmeo because he has replaced his activity books with playmeo subscription,

Thanks to playmeo, I now have 20 activity books that are sitting on my shelf collecting dust.

- Seth, camp leader, USA

Micah DeLong headshot

I’ve been on your website for a while now. I’ve really benefitted from the variety of activities & leadership insights that you provide.

- Micah, experiential trainer, USA

Headshot of Rod Lee, says he loves watching activity training videos and connecting groups

The activity training videos are really useful as they help me learn all of the new activities faster.

- Rod, corporate trainer, USA

Headshot of Chad, group facilitator, wanted to improve leadership skills and use hundreds of activities

Going with the premium plan has unlocked hundreds of activities & ideas that I’ll use for the rest of my career.

- Chad, training facilitator, USA

Headshot of Will Ratcliffe, who is leading team-building activities using playmeo

playmeo is my go-to resource for leading team-building activities.

- Will, adventure programmer, USA

Headshot of Gisela, trainer, says the playmeo is a complete activity website

playmeo is THE most creative & complete activity website – it’s absolutely amazing!

- Gisela, trainer, Dominican Republic

Headshot of Ryan Eller, who loves using playmeo for new activity ideas and new activities

I use playmeo almost every time I lead a program – it’s perfect when I’m on the go & need new activity ideas.

- Ryan, group facilitator, USA

Headshot of Sean de Morton, reborn PE teacher who uses playmeo's resources to produce engagement with his students

When I use playmeo, the result is always the same – engagement, fun & uncontrollable laughter!

- Sean, HPE & Sport Coordinator, Australia

Headshot of Gareth, teacher, says playmeo shoudl be in every educator's tool kit

A fantastic addition to any educator’s tool kit!

- Gareth, teacher, Singapore

Headshot of Seth Houser, recommends playmeo because he has replaced his activity books with playmeo subscription,

I recommend playmeo to every outdoor pro, teacher, parent, church worker, etc, I meet.

- Seth, summer camp director, USA