Karl, adventure programming guru, USA

All of Mark’s books have a ton of activity ideas which will help you achieve the most with little. Take a look, you’ll be pleased…

Sean, ironman athlete, Australia

Success leaves clues. Mark’s clever session design & deep questioning skills gave me heightened self-awareness & a tsunami of personal development.

M Diettrich, teacher, USA

I have used We Engage cards in a variety of settings now & am always impressed with how well my groups respond & open up.

Josh, university lecturer, USA

I teach at a university & run a nonprofit. We use these cards ALL the time. As ice breakers to have fun, build connections, share,…

Tera, faculty professor, USA

I used Climer Cards to process a series of conversations with members of a new community. The response was overwhelming.

Nick, speaker & trainer, USA

If you’re a serious facilitator, these cards are a must-have.

Nick, speaker & trainer, USA

I’m amazed at the insights & answers students give, even from a simple question such as ‘Pick a card that represents the day.’

Gerald, high school teacher, Australia

I’m finding new ways of using Climer Cards all the time. Super awesome for getting my students to have fun when sharing.

Ben, teacher, USA

I love your resources, especially the UBUNTU cards. I feel that I am better equipped for full-time teaching next year. Thanks.

Mark, group facilitator, Australia

Quite simply, every group leader should have a pack of UBUNTUs in their pocket. So much fun, I wish I had thought to create them.

Deanne, student counsellor, USA

I use Climer Cards to help my quieter students open up & tell me what’s going on for them.

Cynthia, specialist teacher, Australia

These cards are like magnets to my kids. They’re colourful and so versatile, I use them all the time.

Daniel, corporate trainer, Brazil

These cards have become an invaluable resource for me, an arrow in my quiver I frequently launch at the start of programs.

Ryan, high school teacher, USA

I use my EmojiCards all the time, especially at the start of class to quickly check-in with my students.

Georgia, camp volunteer, USA

The way they make my groups mix & talk to each other is the best. I always carry them with me.

Sharanya, team leader, USA

I wish I had these cards many years ago. It would have made our meetings so much more enjoyable.

Svetlana, camp leader, Russia

These cards have saved the day during many ‘washed-out’ programs when we were forced inside. The kids love them.

Suki, gym instructor, Japan

Our children ask to play UBUNTU cards all the time because they are so much fun. Thank you for every smile they bring.

E Tyler, teacher, Australia

If you want succinct, effective, quality materials that you’ll use time and again with real results, get these cards.

Greg, counsellor, USA

Some kids find it tough to describe how they’re feeling, but they know it as soon as they see the emoji faces.

Nerida, teacher, Hong Kong

I wore-out my first pack of UBUNTU cards in the first few weeks of school. I need to get three sets next time.

Elizabeth, youth leader, Australia

We. Love. These. Cards. We use them in almost every one of our programs to help new students get to know each other.

Michael, international school, Saudi Arabia

playmeo has excellent customer service, too. I wasn’t expecting this level of care & attention.

Amy, creative consultant, USA

I love playmeo! I wish this site was around when I first started facilitating!

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