JeWElle headshot, facilitator

JeWElle, facilitator, Hong Kong

With playmeo, I feel seen, heard, valued & supported. I never miss a Members Pod because it’s my ‘me time.’

Sam, corporate trainer, playmeo member

Sam, corporate trainer, Macau

It blows my mind how generous Mark is. Becoming a playmeo member was the best choice I have ever made online.

Ming headshot for testimonial

Ming, teacher, Australia

Your groups will be mesmerised the minute they set their eyes on the tiles. So much fun, thank you.

Jill headshot for testimonial

Jill, corporate trainer, USA

I have never seen our staff engage so quickly with a puzzle before. Highly recommended.

Mark Collard headshot for testimonial

Mark, experiential trainer, Australia

Valued at twice the price, this jam-packed kit of resources has really upped my facilitation game.

Kim Goodwill headshot for testimonial

Kim, non-profit ceo, USA

Such excellent products & services. We are glad to continue partnering with you.

Wei Lin headshot for testimonial

Wei Lin, teacher, Singapore

I’ve used these cards for icebreakers, sharing, team games & reflection. So versatile.

James headshot for testimonial

James, school superintendent, USA

This is an essential guidepost for supporting student success & creating lifelong learners.

Kelly headshot for testimonial

Kelly, teacher, USA

This book has made my class-room a truly safe & engaging learning environment for all.

Jodi headshot for testimonial

Jodi, principal, USA

It’s crystal clear that our planet would be a better place if we could all live by the simple, yet powerful tenets of Full Value.

Mark headshot for testimonial

Mark, principal, USA

I have found Full Value to be essential in establishing a sense of community in our school.

Terry headshot for testimonial

Terry, 5th-grade teacher, USA

My students can learn, thrive & gain skills to become a valuable community member inside & outside of the classroom.

Mark Collard headshot for testimonial

Mark, trainer & author, Australia

I love that Nate has compiled a wonderful collection of activity ideas that are almost all new, never been published before.

Tim McGowan headshot for testimonial

Tim, school counsellor, USA

A great book, it will help you stretch your comfort zone & provide a safe learning environment to grow & develop.

Daryl Essensa headshot for testimonial

Daryl, university lecturer, USA

I absolutely love it. It’s like having a personal adventure facilitation coach on your bookshelf.

Jeff Frigon headshot for testimonial

Jeff, youth trainer, USA

This book does a fantastic job of presenting activities in a format that is easy for both veteran & novice adventure facilitators.

Mark Collard headshot for testimonial

Mark Collard, trainer & author, Australia

I love that Karl squeezed in a bunch of new activities so that I could update my seriously dog-eared original.

Tom Leahy headshot for testimonial

Tom, adventure educator, USA

Silver Bullets 2 introduces the latest generation of facilitators to the roots & very soul of programmed adventure.

Sam Sikes headshot for testimonial

Sam Sikes, corporate trainer & author, USA

This 2nd edition is even better with proven activities, updated language, a historical perspective & useful resources.

Laurie Frank headshot for testimonial

Laurie Frank, educator & trainer, USA

Silver Bullets is the gold standard for activity-based adventure education. I continue to take it off the shelf on a weekly basis.

Sean de Morton, Ironman athlete & playmeo advocate

Sean, pe teacher, Australia

What you share in your book changed me as a teacher! It’s that simple.

Sean Glaze headshot for testimonial

Sean, team-building facilitator, USA

This book is incredibly important – it offers the step-by-step how-to’s that ensure your training activities are successfully facilitated.

Richard Ross headshot

Richard, non-profit ceo, USA

This book dives deeper into why all educators should take fun more seriously.

Lauren Popkin headshot

Lauren, summer camp owner, USA

Every camp leader should read this book. Mark knows what he’s talking about & has tons of practical experience to back it up.

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