Engaging in team-building challenges sparks an invigorating flame that fuels team members to work faster & better towards success.


Every organisation wants to rise above the rest, and that involves putting in the work to reach a goal. But how can you achieve your objectives if your team settles for being average? Mediocre-minded people lack the commitment to their task and close their eyes to opportunities, affecting the overall output negatively.

You can spark a renewed drive in them to succeed with team-building challenges.

There is a misconception that competitive and challenging group games do not encourage unity among members, and can often demoralise them instead. But these exercises are not always about putting your opponent down to win. What people forget is that healthy competition also stimulates people to do their best to succeed, whether individually or as a team, and builds a sense of pride in their hard work and efforts. Healthy competition is what drives people to go beyond and produce excellent results as well as create strong bonds with their teammates.


Benefits of Team-Building Challenges


These exercises, when done right, do more than kindle a fiery drive to win. They encourage members of your workplace, class, or organisation to:

  • Come up with innovative, creative solutions;
  • Work efficiently under time pressure;
  • Improve oneself;
  • Overturn mediocre thinking;
  • Push towards greatness, both big and small;
  • Learn and embody sportsmanship; and
  • Be humble.

In contrast to what many think, competition makes people humble as they learn to acknowledge that there’s always going to be someone better than them and that they sometimes need to depend on others to achieve a goal.

It’s also a good experience for those with low self-esteem to build their confidence and take pride in what they have achieved. Overall, team-building challenges help people understand that they should continuously strive to improve their performance, boosting overall productivity.

Are you looking for team-building activities that focus on problem-solving and lateral thinking? Consider checking out our team puzzle games, which promote creative thinking to solve a problem.


Ideas for Competitive & Challenging Group Exercises


Competitive team-building games are usually exciting and intense, often involving physical activities and tough or tricky obstacles. Below are links to samples of fun and challenging activities from Playmeo’s comprehensive activity database. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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