karl rohnke

Karl Rohnke and Devon Dubuque IA 2015

Vale Karl Rohnke – Adventure Programming Guru, Mentor & Friend

Dear members & friends. It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that my long-time mentor, friend and colleague Karl Rohnke died…

Honouring Challenge by Choice - two women completing a mud crawl

Honouring Challenge by Choice

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode discusses and honours the original intent of the popular philosophical framework of Challenge by Choice, a term coined by Karl…

dice used in dropping dice game. Phot credit: Mike Szczepanski

Scattered Points, by Karl Rohnke

Here’s another game involving dice direct from one of the true pioneers of adventure programming – Karl Rohnke. Mentor, player, good friend, and one of…

Kids playing with meaning of FUNN. Photo credit: Mi Pham

What is FUNN?

When opening a program I often make a simple invitation to my group to ‘play’ and to have FUNN. However, it’s fair to say that…