Scattered Points, by Karl Rohnke

Here’s another game involving dice direct from one of the true pioneers of adventure programming – Karl Rohnke.

Mentor, player, good friend, and one of the true pioneers of adventure programming in the world, Karl was flicking through some old files when he discovered this un-published gem. He didn’t give it a name, so let’s run with the Dropping Dice Game.

This is a prop specific game. If you don’t have access to at least six big (1″ square) rubberized dice, YOU’RE OUT OF THE GAME! But, hey, read on… you may be able to change the rules to fit props you do have. In fact, using regular big plastic dice would also work, but not as well; you know… not as much action, ie fun.

Objective: To drop all six dice onto a gym floor, with the object of gaining the point total of all six dice AFAP (as fast as possible).

Dropping Dice Game Rules & Considerations:

  • After dropping the dice, the object is to get an accurate number total from the bouncing dice in the least amount of time.
  • If an inaccurate total is announced, that particular attempt is VOID, no matter how fast the final total is reached. The first total announced is the only total allowed. The watch stops when the first total is announced.
  • Indicate that the word TOTAL must be loudly announced immediately before a final number total is given. This prevents a group from just shouting out a series of numbers hoping they hit the right one.
  • Each drop (downward propulsion is disallowed) must be from the same height. A shoulder height drop causes an acceptable amount of kinetic action, ie ca-RAA-zy!
  • The drop can be made with one or two hands, be consistent.
  • Participants can place themselves on the floor wherever they think their positioning will best serve the team, and everyone is on the same team.
  • Dropped dice cannot be touched while still bouncing. If a bouncing di hits someone and the contact is inadvertent, play continues. If a player tries to control a bouncing di by using any part their body, that attempt is VOID.
  • The dice may not be retrieved, i.e. picked up, until the TOTAL has been checked.
  • Keep dropping the dice (multiple attempts) until the group is satisfied with their best result. Remember it’s their best result that’s significant, not what you want their best result to be.
  • Use a hard surfaced area for the drop. Rugs dampen the action of the dice. A gym floor works great.


Have FUNN. Thanks for sharing Karl.


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