A Definition of Play

I make a very simple request at the start of all of my professional development & training workshops – I invite my group to play….

Scattered Points, by Karl Rohnke

Here’s another game involving dice direct from one of the true pioneers of adventure programming – Karl Rohnke. Mentor, player, good friend, and one of…

Question: How To Play In War-torn Syria?

A question about how to play in war-torn Syria comes from Rita, living in the middle of a war zone: “…I live in Damascus Syria….

Things I’ve Learned Along The Way: Tip #3

Inject Tons of Humour Into Your Program This is such a critical element of my delivery, and to be honest, the trick to opening up…

What is FUNN?

When opening a program I often make a simple invitation to my group to ‘play’ and to have FUNN. However, it’s fair to say that…