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A dynamic, interactive and fun keynote address is one of the most powerful strategies you can employ to open your conference program to engage and inspire your delegates.

Mark Collard, playmeo’s founder and Director, is regularly invited to present keynote and feature presentations to conference audiences all over the world. Recent addresses include the United States, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Canada and Russia.

Custom designed to meet the specific needs of your audience, Mark’s keynote addresses often focus on the value of building relationships and taking fun more seriously.

Importantly, Mark’s presentations are fun and thoroughly interactive. Nothing boring, and certainly engaging. Yes, his presentation will feature a few slides, but Mark’s focus will be on engaging your delegates immediately and consistently with his message. His warm, positive and friendly persona make this all the more possible.

Three of Mark’s most popular and impactful presentations are described below.


Taking Fun Seriously

Drawn from Mark’s latest book Serious Fun, this highly-interactive and fun ‘play’note presentation invites you to take fun more seriously into your classrooms, corporate training rooms, camps, etc. You will be guided through a simple, yet powerful four-step model which will help your group interact, share, trust and learn.

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Connection Before Content

Relationships matter. This unique and highly-interactive presentation shares the research which supports a focus that builds and strengthens relationships. You will walk away inspired by Mark’s vibrant address ready to re-focus your attention on the critical interpersonal skills that set your groups up for success in life.

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Ice-Breakers v Ice-Makers

Most group facilitators confuse their repertoire of ice-breakers with experiences which actually break the ice. In this challenging presentation, Mark will share why ice-breakers are often ice-makers and the five key ingredients of a successful ice-breaking experience.

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Looking for Something Different?


Every group, conference and audience is different. Here are a bunch of alternative keynote ideas which may inspire something new for your program, or could be easily connected to your conference theme:

  • Serious Fun: A Four-Step Program Design Model that helps you Make a Difference
  • How To Pick The Right Activity at the Right Time
  • Top Ten Advanced Facilitation Techniques
  • The Why, What, When & How of Reflection Activities
  • The Generations of Processing (Reflection Techniques) Over the Decades
  • The Unofficial Start – A Simple Step Towards Increasing Engagement & Productivity
  • Highly-Interactive & Engaging Conference Openings (1 to 20 mins)
  • Brain-Breaks to change the pace and energise your audience (3o secs to 5 mins)


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