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Highly Personalised Development


There is nothing better than spending quality one-on-one time with a professional who can directly answer your questions and inspire you to another level of performance.

We only engage two coaching clients at any point in time so that we can provide the highest level of focus possible. Each session lasts approx 45-60 minutes, and you can register for 3, 6 and 12-month plans.

Facilitation skills coaching by playmeo

Facilitation Skills

No matter if you’ve just entered the program leadership field, or are an experienced practitioner, there is always more to learn. These coaching sessions focus intensely on the art and science of group facilitation, including developing a philosophical framework, reflection (debriefing) skills, effective leadership styles, voice control & management in addition to those particular to your setting and personal skill set.

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Program design coaching by playmeo

Program Design

The focus of these coaching sessions is to help you create remarkably powerful, meaningful & fun group-based programs. Drawn primarily from the content of Mark’s latest books, including Serious Fun, you will gain a solid understanding of the impact of a carefully sequenced program can have on your group’s success. You’ll be guided through a four-step program design model that is guaranteed to transform your group’s success.

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Targeted business niche coaching by playmeo

Business Niche

Lead by entrepreneur and playmeo’s founding director Mark Collard, these coaching sessions will take you on a journey to uncover the hidden value in your business and carefully target your specific niche to be successful. Without exception, every coaching client has walked away from these sessions with renewed enthusiasm and incredible clarity of purpose and vision for their business. Enquire now to discover what’s possible for you.

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