Outdoor team-building activities help people decompress from work & offer new opportunities for learning, growth & bonding.


Team-building activities primarily aim to improve the overall productivity of the group. But some of these activities are far more efficient when done outdoors, outside of the dull four corners of a room. Getting out of the office and into the fresh air gives you a much-needed break and refresh.

Often, company politics and intense competition can create an unhealthy, stressful office environment, making it harder to foster trust and build good relationships with colleagues. The same goes for school. Being able to do team activities in a casual space like the outdoors encourages positive emotions.

Challenging employees in a whole new setting also triggers them to think of unorthodox and creative ways to solve problems.


Unique Benefits of Outdoor Team-Building Activities


You can’t decompress from work if you are doing it at work. Outdoor group games help break employees from their daily routine and engage them in activities they wouldn’t normally do during a workday.

Exploring new, unfamiliar areas with your team promotes bonding, refines skills, and gives you a chance to examine the situation at different levels and from different points of view. Besides the usual benefits of team-building, there are specific positive impacts that come with doing it outdoors, such as:

  • Learning to communicate more honestly
  • Refreshing the mind
  • Promoting creativity and critical thinking
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Finding new inspiration for work
  • Helping see your colleagues less like robots and more as interesting people
  • Creating unique experiences and memories to bond over

A well-facilitated outdoor adventure produces a team that can improve overall performance drastically and keep the workplace healthy and happy.

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Outdoor Team-Building Activity Ideas


There are all sorts of outdoor team-building activities that can be planned according to the number of participants. Games that are more outdoorsy and nature-based encourage people to work in cooperation with each other better.

The pictures below provide links to samples of fun and enriching team-building activities for kids from playmeo’s activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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