Management team-building activities help to strengthen & enrich the relationships among managers in your organisation to develop a more robust, cohesive & high-performing team.


Managers play an important role driving your organisation to achieve its vision and meet its strategic objectives. However, while your management team may share a common goal or objective, it’s rare for every member of the team to assume a single management style.

In most cases, the managers within a single organisation will each have different personalities, hold different beliefs and values, and possess a unique skill set. While diversity amongst management team members can offer a wealth of benefits to your organisation, the relationships they share need to be robust, cohesive and resilient to be successful.

Management team-building activities are an effective way to reinforce and enrich the relationships among a group of managers, while also encouraging them to develop new skills and capabilities.


Essential Characteristics of Management Team-Building Activities


When selecting a team-building activity for managers, it’s important to know what to look for. The most effective team-building activities for managers include the following characteristics:

  • Challenging and stimulating: Managers often respond well to activities that are challenging in nature, as they provide an opportunity to utilise their critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills. A demanding or challenging activity also provides mental stimulation by putting their cognitive skills to the test.
  • Collaborative: While managers generally respond well to activities that include an element of competition, establishing teams or groups which require individual members to cooperate and act as a united cohort will enhance their capacity for teamwork and strengthen relationships among members.
  • Builds trust and respect: An effective team-building activity will encourage group members to contribute ideas and opinions freely without fear of ridicule or judgement, which can be effective at helping to break down barriers and build trust amongst the group.
  • Engaging and inspiring: Effective activities and exercises not only capture the attention of managers but also inspire them to want to perform to their optimal capacity, refine their skills and use their position to affect positive organisational change.


Team-Building Activity Ideas for Managers


Below we’ve drawn together a selection of some of the best team-building activities for managers from our comprehensive activity database for you to browse through.

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