Got A Large Group? What To Play With Large Groups of People

Another in a long line of great questions, often posed by group leaders who are looking for some guidance:

How do I deliver a series of fun, engaging and rewarding experiential activities for a large group of 400+ people, especially if they are seated in an auditorium?

First, may I say, I LOVE large groups. The sheer energy of a large group just makes it so much easier to have fun and get going.

But that said, if not handled sensitively, a large group can also really quickly turn on you. So, as always, you MUST consider your sequence to ensure their preparedness.

Here’s a shortlist of my trusty, go-to activities that I always pull out for large group gatherings. All of them have been frequently used, often with big keynote presentations, so I know they work:

Story of Your Name
Numeric Networking
Sit Down If…
Ice-Breaker Question Exchange
Wiggle Waggle
Thumb Wrestling in Stereo

For a more thorough discussion about how to work with lots of people, with some really useful tips and strategies, check out my book Count Me In.

Have FUNN out there…


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