Illustration of group using Fidget Ladder challenge course element

Fidget Ladder

Man bending down playing Paper Bag Pick-Up

Paper Bag Pick Up

Illustration of group participatin in Porthole challenge course element


Illustration of group participating in Mohawk Walk challenge course element

Mohawk Walk

Illustration of man on Tension Traverse challenge course element

Tension Traverse

Illustration of group participating in Spider's Web team-building exercise

Spider’s Web

Illustration of man using Hour Glass challenge course element


One woman spotting behind another woman as part of Walk and Lean trust activity

Walk & Lean

Illustration of group participating in The Wall challenge course element

The Wall

Illustration of man playing on Swinging Tyres challenge course element

Swinging Tyres

Two women holding hands and attempting to step inside their arms as part of fun energiser Wring-Out Stretch

Wring-Out Stretch

Two people standing on a straight line playing the splits partner exercise

The Splits

Pair of Magic Shoes ready to be slipped on to solve group initiative

Magic Shoes

People holding hands in circle rotating quickly as The Clock initiative, a terrific back to school activity

The Clock

Two people standing back-to-back and arms outstretched play Windmill Stretch

Windmill Stretch

Small group of people working together to cross an area in problem-solving activity called Four Pointer

Four Pointer

Small group of people working together to Span The Room, a problem-solving exercise

Span The Room

Man doing a push-up with eyes closed, as seen in Popsicle Push-up group initiative

Popsicle Push-Up

Two people holding hands trying to pull themselves off the ground in team-building exercise called Everybody Up

Everybody Up

Overhead view of small group leaning into the centre, as featured in trust-building exercise called Keystone


Group of people holding a man horizontally off the ground as part of trust-building exercise called Levitation


Two people leaning into each other using their arms, as part of stretch and warm-up exercise called Human Spring teambuilding activity

Human Spring

Two people leaning to the side of each other walking forward as part of trust-building exercise called Lean Walk

Lean Walk