Small group playing BlueStarOpoly


Man chasing woman as part of Water World game

Water World

Illustration of group participating on Wild Woosey challenge course element

Wild Woosey

Tennis balls with numbers on them as played in Think Ball

Think Ball

Illustration of group playing on Trolleys challenge course element


Girl attempting to jump on foot of boy in energetic game called Pretty Darn Quick

Pretty Darn Quick

Woman being lifted off ground by another person with glee, as part of Big Ups energiser trust activity

Big Ups

Group playing Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag

Illustration of group participating in The Beam challenge course element

The Beam

Group playing Mad Chefs tag game

Mad Chefs

Group in circle playing Samurai


Man hitting ball with open hand towards another person, as seen in fun tag & PE game called Ga-Ga


Robbing The Nest image showing two hands grabbing balls out of ring quickly

Robbing The Nest

Key Punch set-up with dozens of numbered spots laying on ground.

Key Punch

Man jumping as part of group initiative turnstyles rope with two others watching from the sidelines


Man throwing ball downwards, as seen in tag & PE game called Monarch Tag

Monarch Tag

Girl on man's back piggy-back style as seen in game called jockeys


Group of people playing Around The World in pairs

Around The World

Fun large group game Tic Tac Toe game placed on floor with prieces of fabric used for noughts and crosses

Tic Tac Toe

Line of people holding the hips of the person in front of them, helping the last person in the line being tagged by the front person, as played in Dragon Tail Tag

Dragon Tail Tag

Four people standing in a line following instruction in an energiser game called Bobsled Teams, perfect for team-building games for students

Bobsled Teams

Group of people holding hands and moving quickly as part of Quick Line-Up energiser

Quick Line-Up

People moving quickly between spots on the ground, as seen in Metronome group initiative


Three people using right hand to salute, as part of Shipwreck energiser game