8 Activity Ideas that Explore Organisational Change

Most weeks, a lot of my time is spent corresponding and/or chatting with playmeo members all over the world helping them solve problems and search for the perfect activity idea that will meet their group or program needs.

This week, a corporate trainer asked if I knew of any activities that would segue well into the topic of organisational change. In particular, they were most interested in activities that may appear unrelated to the topic but with their careful facilitation, could easily be connected to the topic (of change.)

Oh, and if these ideas could be presented online/virtually, then even better.


Activity Ideas


My first thought was about the activity Spot the Difference. At a glance, this partner activity invites both people to face away from one another, change a bunch of things about their appearance, and then turn around to face one another and be challenged to observe all of the changes.

As you could imagine, some changes are very obvious, some not too much. We both agreed that this exercise was ideal. But he was looking for more.

If this topic or theme interests you, then you’ll be interested in the other activities I shared that I believed would meet his program needs. In no particular order, they included:

  • Crumpled – ideal for reframing perspectives.
  • Blind Name-Tag – again, wonderful for exploring different perspectives, and our strengths.
  • Not a Knot – check the virtual adaptation tab to learn how to present this one online. Awesome for exploring how hard it is to change minds.
  • One Word – this requires a group to change their thinking to solve the problem. Sticking with the status quo just doesn’t work.
  • Arrowheads Puzzle – a brilliant puzzle that can be presented online if you use some form of synchronous screen software.
  • T-Puzzle – as for the above puzzle, ideal for challenging assumptions and resistance to change.

I must also mention Change Up – this is by far one of the most powerful activities I know that deals with organisational change, but… I have never presented it online, so my suggestion is to study this exercise and see if you can think of a way to transform it into a virtual context (and if you do, please let me know 🙂 )

Naturally, like all good experiential and adventure-based programs, these activities must be coupled with careful sequencing and helpful facilitation to guide your participants to achieve the difference you are seeking in your program.


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