Back Group of people standing in a tarp involved in problem-solving exercise called Turn Over A New Leaf

Turn Over A New Leaf

Challenging group initiative ideal for small spaces.

  • Inventive
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Develops trust & communication
  • Focus on goal-setting
  • Powerful metaphor

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    Contributor Mark Collard

    User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (2)
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    1. David Piang-Nee

      This is a bit of a variation..
      After getting everyone on board, i mention to them that they are on a magical island and that every single person is unique and is needed for the island to survive. At this stage ask the individuals of the group to name a profession. Eg. Ask grade 5’s what they would like to do when they grow up. Only condition is that there can only be one of that profession on the island.. The idea behind the question is to get them to value each other and keep helping for the islands survival. (Useful later in debrief).
      Once everyone has said what they want to be, i reiterate the importance of each individual.

      At this point i offer the groups the choice between two key words and they don’t know what it is about.. “Flip or Fold”. Once they have chosen, i describe what the task is.. Eg. If it is “Flip”. I mention that the magical island has a spell on it which causes the island to flip over every 24hrs and guess what it is now time for it to flip.. Essentially the activity runs as Mark described it in video. If they choose “Fold”, the island surface actually halves. (Variation). The task is to get the whole group to remain on the tarp while they attempt to fold it in half. Once done, they try it again and see how many times they can fold the tarp in half while remaining on top of the tarp.. hope this makes sense.. Essentially debrief will be very similar.. the presentation with options gives the group a sense of ownership as they kinda decided which direction to take the activity in..

      • Mark Collard

        These are a terrific array of ideas David, thanks for sharing. I especially like the diversity of professions on the island, and then the Flip or Fold choice.

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