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Fun puzzle to inspire teamwork & critical-thinking.

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  • Engaging
  • Highly-interactive
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Inspires critical-thinking
  • Non-verbal


  • 1 x set of Connectiles (per team)


Mark Collard

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User Reviews, Comments & Ideas (3)
5.00 avg. rating (94% score) - 2 votes

  1. David Piang-Nee

    Fantastic activity. great to start a day where you might want to have a variety of activities set out and people can choose their challenges as they come in to a room for example. This one can be challenging and involving. Allows for direct and indirect interactions between participants who take on the challenge..

  2. Jessica Hallal

    My students loved this activity. I went with 25 minutes for my year 9. I had three groups of 6 and it worked great with 2 groups finishing and one group close! Great expectations starter in a digital technology subject.

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