Large square with nine boxes with number 1 to 9 marked inside them, as used in Magic Nine Numbers team puzzle

Magic Nine Numbers

Lateral-thinking game to sharpen observation skills.

  • Inspires creativity
  • Sharpens observation skills
  • Inspires powerful metaphors
  • Passive


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  1. David Piang-Nee

    Another fun puzzle that is fun to play.
    A variation on this activity that I love is using 9 blank pieces of paper lined up in the same grid pattern, so no numbers for this one and having a partner who magically in tune with you, like in Black Magic.

    Between the two of you, you entertain the group as they try to get in tune with you and your partner to discover the code.

    So your partner is outside of the room,
    For the first few rounds you select which page will be the one that your partner will eventually guess the selected one.

    Your partner returns into the room, you point at at the first page whichever that may be but also give them the clue (pointing to the area on the grid to the selected page)

    Your partner will reply Yes or No as per the Magic Nine number. This keeps going until you point to the selected page and your partner agrees that it is the correct page and everyone is amazed

    Do so a few times and play the magic element up 🙂

    At some point you may be accused of some sort of trickery etc, and you might send someone from the crowd to check that your partner isn’t doing anything untoward.

    You can involve the group even more by getting them to choose which page should be chosen and on which turn it will be revealed. For example the crowd will choose the reveal will happen on the 4th turn and to the bottom right corner sheet.. your task is to make sure you indicate that to your partner on the first go and you select the correct page on the 4th turn.

    Great act for talent nights as well 🙂

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