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Story Swap

Fun, creative & thought-provoking story-telling exercise.


Fun partner game involving strategy & competition.

Texas Big Foot

Humorous low-key circle activity for large groups.

One Up One Down

Fantastic observation & lateral thinking exercise for groups.

Upside Down

Challenging & enthralling group initiative for small groups.


Fun & competitive circle game that expends a lot of...

Geared Up

Fast-paced, highly interactive circle game for large groups.


Fun & creative story-telling exercise to explore mindsets.

Phones & Faxes

Fun group initiative to explore the skill of multitasking.

If Then

Playful partner game to inspire creativity & interaction.

Paradigm Shift

Quick, engaging exercise to explore different perspectives.


Super-fun large group activity ideal for wide open spaces.


Fast-paced circle game involving fun sounds & movements.

Polar Bears & Ice Holes

Fun lateral thinking puzzle to sharpen observation skills.

Nerves of Steel

Thrilling & fast-paced game of stealth for small groups.

Up Nelson

Enthralling team-based guessing game for small groups.

On Par

Entertaining dice game of chance for small groups.

Match & Out

Thrilling, fast-paced elimination game for large groups.

Bank Robbery

Fun mystery designed to be solved by large groups.

Mrs O’Grady

Energetic & zany series of sequential stunts.


Very entertaining team-based charade-style game.

Blind Name-Tag

Fun & quirky name-game ideal for virtual audiences.

Dolphin Golf

Energetic team-based variation of golf with rubber rings.

County Fair

Fun deductive-reasoning puzzle for small groups.