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Line of people playing Texas Big Foot

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Texas Big Foot

Humorous low-key circle activity for large groups.


Fun & competitive circle game that expends a lot of...

Geared Up

Fast-paced, highly interactive circle game for large groups.

The Ladder

Very physical & emotionally challenging group initiative.

Nerves of Steel

Thrilling & fast-paced game of stealth for small groups.

Ally Oop

Simple, active & extremely fun group initiative.

Mrs O’Grady

Energetic & zany series of sequential stunts.

Hot Box

Complex & fast-paced skipping rope group initiative.

Dolphin Golf

Energetic team-based variation of golf with rubber rings.


Extremely fun & energetic life-sized board game for teams.

Breathe & Stretch

Guided group stretching exercise to relax & have fun.

One-Line Electric Fence

Extremely adaptable version of classic group initiative.


Medley of extremely fun, interactive balloon games.

Mirror Neurons

Exciting partner game that seeks commonality.

Active Intros

One of the most versatile & engaging large group energisers.

Water World

One of the best large group excuses for getting wet.


Trust Fall

Highly dynamic team activity dedicated to building trust.

Fidget Ladder

Challenging ascending balance task for an individual.

Paper Bag Pick Up

Thoroughly challenging & entertaining stunt for groups.

Wild Woosey

Extremely dynamic traversing challenge for pairs.


Physically demanding team challenge with lifting at height.

Nitro Crossing

Classic swing rope group initiative with multiple variations.

Swinging Log

Extremely dynamic traversing element for one or more people.

Multivine Traverse

Fun traversing challenge for one or more people.