12 Virtual Group Games with No Video

For many of us, adapting our existing programs during the pandemic to suit a virtual audience has been a challenge. Worse, when the group we are working with cannot or chooses not to switch on their webcam.

But what if you’re working with a group that is blind or visually impaired? This was exactly the situation facing Chad Littlefield a few weeks ago.

As a long-time playmeo member, Chad reached out for help. We connected online for about 90 minutes, and together had a ball game-storming dozens of activity ideas that would work perfectly well for a group of visually impaired participants.


Group Games with No Video


Our context was to focus on only those group games that could (a) be presented online and (b) could be played without visuals, ie no webcams switched on. These two factors were our bottom line. If the activity could not be adapted to meet these two needs, it got passed over.

In essence, we were programming for radio and as an ex-radio presenter, this was exciting for me.

Twelve, actually thirteen of my favourite ‘group games with no video’ are shared below:

  • Rhyme or Reason – ideally suited for audio-only programs
  • Mr & Mrs Wright – audio is really the only thing required to bring this activity alive
  • Jump In Jump Out – see the Lean In, Lean Out variation
  • Count Off – so many wonderful variations of this fun energiser
  • Minute Mysteries – never any shortage of these lateral-thinking games
  • Build a Story – classic improv game that is ideal for audio-only audiences
  • Making Connections – as for above
  • The Story Game – save this one for the end to finish your program on a high
  • Story of Your Name – ideal for large group sharing or smaller breakout rooms
  • Kram Dralloc – a sure-fire name game that is guaranteed to make your group laugh
  • About Now – just a few tweaks of this classic group initiative make it ideal for radio
  • River Crossing – audio is all you require to solve this problem, too
  • Come to My Party – so many variations of this classic brain teaser.


Note, we compiled a much bigger list (than shared below) and owing to limited time, not all of them were presented by Chad during his client session. As you know, it’s always better to have more than you need than to be caught short.


Do You Have a Burning Question, Too?


Take a leaf out of Chad’s book and reach out to playmeo.

If you’re a playmeo member, my time is free and I adore nothing more than connecting online to tackle your programming questions. In the past month alone, I have workshopped the following programmatic questions with members in the United States, Australia and South Korea.

  • Designing an inclusive/diversity/sexuality program
  • How to introduce a ropes course activity to online participants
  • How to inject some serious fun into a dry online presentation
  • What to do with dominant personalities in a corporate group.

What’s your most pressing programmatic question or concern right now?

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