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Wordles List

This is a sample list of Wordles (or WORD puzzLES) which you are free to use to challenge yourself or a group of friends/colleagues to solve, as featured in the fun, team-building exercise of the same name.

For each puzzle, your task is to decipher a series of cryptic letters, words and patterns which, when combined, represent a common word or phrase.

The (eight) solutions can be found towards the bottom of this page (don’t scroll too fast.)












ping  WILLOW













Wordles List Solutions

If, after studying the solutions, you can not work out how to create one or more of the answers below, contact us so that we can help you understand them.

Hole In One

Feeling Under The Weather

Robin Hood

Middle of Nowhere

Long Underwear

Weeping Willow

Scrambled Eggs

Space Invaders


Want More?

I hope you enjoyed deciphering this fun Wordles list.

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This list is just a small sample drawn from our collection of forty-eight unique Wordle puzzles.

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