What’s In A Name: The Mohawk Ironworkers Walk

A key attribute of every activity featured in playmeo’s online database is the source of the idea.

Sometimes this is very easy, other times, not so much. And then, often long after we have shared an activity. we discover new or more information that changes what we first thought to be true.

Such is the case with the popular low challenge course activity, traditionally known as the Mohawk Walk.


Short History of the Mohawk Walk


As I understand, the original inspiration for the Mohawk Walk group initiative was invented by a group of workshop participants (during a Project Adventure workshop in 1981 lead by Karl Rohnke and Jim Grout) who were members of the Mohawks of Akwesasne in Quebec, outside Montreal.

As described to Karl and Jim at the time, the Mohawk people have a long history as ironworkers involved with the construction of high-rise buildings throughout North America. This history, combined with the group’s challenge course idea, led to the creation of this popular low challenge course initiative during the workshop.

It was decided that very day to name it the Mohawk Walk in honour of their creativity and expertise.


Naming Update


Inspired by a recent article written by Jim Grout (Executive Director of High 5 Adventure Learning) and cognizant of issues regarding cultural appropriation, we are considering High 5’s lead to update the name of this low element in our database to Mohawk Ironworkers Walk, too.

We feel that this name fully captures the rich history of the Mohawk people and their role in the building of skyscrapers in cities everywhere.

What do you think? Is this a good idea?

Share your thoughts and/or support for this shift in the Comments below…


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