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What Is My Special Sauce?

To follow on from last week’s post, this week’s Facilitator Tips episode reveals a list of personal strengths which have helped shape my 30+ year career as a successful group facilitator.

First, I distinguish between my strengths and what I’m good at (note, these are not the same thing.) Then, I share five key areas of my personality – in other words, my special sauce – that I believe have powered my unique facilitation style.

CLICK HERE to view this short video tutorial to discover what my top three personal strengths are and how they combine to produce my special sauce.


Please note, this is the last in my fortnightly series of 60 x Facilitator Tips video tutorials. I hope you have enjoyed them.

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Coming soon, a new series of tutorials that will deep dive into the use, power and value of interactive group games & activities. Stay tuned…


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