Valuing the Benefits of Play

Source: discussing the benefits of playThere’s a wonderful organisation called Playworks that believes recess (you know, that free time during school hours students spend out of classroom?) should be fun and energetic and safe and inclusive for everyone. Their ambition is to help recess become an important, integral part of the school day, a positive experience that students will carry with them beyond the playground. Too true.

They have just posted a really interesting article which succinctly describes and promotes the value and benefits of play. It’s so good, I figured it deserved to be shared throughout the playmeo community.

While Playworks is clearly focused on recess, I would argue that the key elements of play, when integrated INTO the classroom, can work wonders too. This is the essential ethos of playmeo’s approach to education, which is why we believe play is so critical to the development of (young) human beings, not to mention, the reason all education should take fun more seriously.

What do you think?

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