UBUNTU Hidden Clues

I love using UBUNTU Cards with groups.

I’ve been using them for 6 or 7 years now, and they probably feature in most of my programs when I want to help groups interact, share and have fun.

Last week, just when I thought I had seen it all, I discovered something new about them – hidden clues.

But first, if you’re not familiar with them, click here to know what we’re talking about (you need to know about them.) They’re a fun, colourful, multi-functional deck of 54 cards which feature a single image of an ordinary object on one side, and multiple images (of these same objects) on the other.


New Facebook Group for UBUNTU Card users


The creators recently set up a new Facebook page dedicated to UBUNTU Cards and announced, to my shock, the presence of two sets of hidden clues embedded in the cards:

  1. Missing Objects – there are three objects featured on the multi-image side of the cards that do not appear on the single-image side; and
  2. Teamwork Values – there are eleven words secretly placed on the various objects which relate to important attributes or values of group work.

Immediately, I spent 90 minutes searching for the three missing objects (got ’em) and found only 7 of the 11 words (still working on Fun, Hope, Ideas and Helpful.)

The presence of these two sets of clues expands the value of the cards even more. Check out the Facebook page to learn more about these playful UBUNTU hidden clues (especially the post on 20 July which describes a series of wonderful lead-in questions.)

Can you find the UBUNTU hidden clues?


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Document your progress in the comments below…


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