To build your Teamwork, try Energizer Games, Trust-Building Games, or any other Large Group Games that get your team up, moving, and communicating!

Trust-building games may seem corny, but they are proven to make your employees work better together. Your employees can benefit from simple large group games simply because they break up the monotony of the workday.

Some simple energizer games are much like the ones you played when you were a child but are pretty effective.



The Simon Says Stretch game is a great way to get your employees up from their chair and stretching. Have your employees follow your lead with simple stretches. Not only is this exercise a good physical tool, but it also makes your employees listen and follow directions.

Another great stretch is The Wave Stretch. Have your employees stand in a circle. Then, ask one person to start a stretch. The person next to them follows with that stretch and turns it into a different stretch. Keep going around in the circle and continue this process for two minutes. This exercise will create a fun and energizing atmosphere.

A good way to build rapport within your team is to implement some trust-building games. There is the classic Trust Leans game that is simple and requires no props. For this game, place two people a couple of feet apart with one person’s back facing the other person’s front. Have the person whose back is turned to close their eyes. After everybody is ready, the person with their eyes closed falls backwards and the person behind them catches the falling person. This exercise promotes good communication along with building trust among the team members.

These are some basic trust-building and energizing games that get your employees motivated and help them build rapport. Your team learns communication skills and gets a nice little break from their daily routine when you incorporate large group games into your work place’s schedule.


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