Top Ten Free Interactive Games for Online Meetings & Conferences

Online conferencing is a hot topic right now.

And, if traffic to playmeo’s online activity database is any indication, so is the search for free interactive games for online meetings to keep people engaged and connected.

As of this date, we have uploaded descriptions for 50+ icebreakers, energisers and team-building activities that have been adapted to suit virtual meetings.

The list we share below (in alphabetical order) will direct you to the step-by-step instructions (and in some cases, video tutorials) for 10 x absolutely free activities (no opt-in or credit card required) that you can use in your next online meeting.


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After clicking the links below, navigate to the Virtual Adaptation tab to learn everything you need to know.

  • Are You More Like… – intriguing icebreaker exercise which helps explore differences.
  • Come To My Party – curious & fun lateral-thinking game for all groups.
  • Leaning Tower of Feetza – quick problem-solving game for large & small groups.
  • ID Numbers – creative & numerical strategy to get to know people.
  • Name Impulse – exciting get-to-know-you name-game for large gatherings.
  • Mapping – interactive, get-to-know-you game for all group sizes.
  • PDQ Test – fun whole-group exercise involving quirky movements.
  • Pick An Object – not yet uploaded. The host asks each person to grab any random object that is within their grasp that, perhaps, reflects something about them, eg their work, their personality, how they are feeling, etc. Allow your group 20 seconds to grab their objects and then invite sharing.
  • Scavenger Hunt – not yet uploaded. The host of the meeting spies an interesting object in the background of someone’s video thumbnail and challenges the rest of the attendees to find it. In advance, the host notifies the person who belongs to the object that they can’t participate.
  • Tea Cup Stretch – innovative stretch & balance exercise to boost energy levels.


More free interactive games for online meetings will be uploaded shortly, so check our activity search page regularly.

You may also be interested to learn more about online team-building activities.

What are your favourite activities to use to engage and energise your online groups? Please share below…


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