Top 10 Interactive Group Games & Activities

The International Camping Fellowship (ICF) invited me to present a 90 interactive session last week as a part of their newly branded ICF Academy Series of online workshops.

This is the list of my top ten interactive group games I presented to the 160+ people who attended the session, beaming in from 25 countries around the globe, some of whom woke at 4am to participate!

I think it’s testament to (a) the awesomeness of these particular activities to successfully engage people online as much as (b) the new facilitation skills I have developed presenting online sessions for most of the past year, that the average length of stay was 88 minutes (out of a total of 100 minutes.)



Air Names (yet to be uploaded to our database, sorry)

Look Left (virtual adaptation of Jump In Jump Out)

Mr & Mrs Wright

Identity Numbers

Blind Portraits

Must Choose

Are You More Like…


Come To My Party


As with any presentation these days, I always spend a bit of time discussing the powerful notion that ‘environment dictates performance.’ Indeed, a statement I made during the presentation resonated strongly with the audience:

“Your primary responsibility as a camp leader is to create an environment in which your campers can make appropriate choices…”

I’d have to say that 12 months ago if I was asked to occupy 160 people for 90 minutes online with a series of interactive group games & activities, I may have struggled to list even ten activities that I thought could work. Now, I can pull from more than 100 activities and that list is growing every week.

If you’re looking for interactive group games & activities that work online, the easiest method is to use the Virtual filter that forms a part of the activity search tool.

If you happen to be an ICF member, you can view the live webinar for free, otherwise, almost all of the activities are featured on playmeo’s activity database.

Have FUNN.


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