Develop safety consciousness with playful group games & activities


Ordinarily, when people think about safety, especially in the context of playful and adventure-based activities, their minds immediately focus on their physical safety. This is natural, but it is important for the optimal wellbeing of a group that safety is understood to be multi-dimensional.

A consciousness of safety must embrace the physical, emotional and mental elements of a group’s experience. In many respects, this focus is a powerful framework that guides and nurtures wellbeing.


What Is Safety Consciousness?

Broadly speaking, a consciousness of safety embraces three primary areas of health and wellbeing:

  • Physical – the program attends to the physical safety of its participants, so that no one gets physically hurt, eg broken arm, cuts and bruises. This element is often the most obvious, and is guided by many occupational and health safety standards.
  • Emotional – the program intentionally creates a safe and positive environment in which people may determine their own level of participation. Philosophies such as Challenge By Choice strike at the heart of this type of safety consciousness.
  • Mental – the program is pitched at a level of mental acuity that will challenge the group, but not overly stress individual members. Programs work best when they invite groups to ‘stretch’ participants outside their Comfort Zones, because when there’s no challenge, all you are left is boredom and routine.

Programs which achieve a practical balance of all three elements are more likely to create an optimal environment in which people can learn, grow and develop.

It must be said, that for some groups, safety consciousness may also embrace spirituality.


Group Activities Which Focus on Safety Consciousness

The images below provide links to a sample and wide-variety of group activities which explore the parameters of the physical, emotional or mental well-being of a group, drawn from playmeo’s fun activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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