Teaching Physical Education with fun group games & activities

One of the most popular and powerful methods of teaching health and physical education is the use of physical education games.

Many group games and activities are ideally suited to HPE because they are inherently attractive to play and can explicitly or implicitly help students grow in their knowledge of physical education and develop their skills.

Skills such as running, throwing, catching evasion, and many fine motor skills such as balance, coordination, speed and agility, are easily taught through the use of health and physical education games.

Take a look at the samples listed at the bottom of this page for some great activity ideas to blend with your existing physical education curriculum.

Benefits of Integrating Physical Education Games Into HPE classes
Some of the more powerful reasons teachers integrate the use of group games and activities into their health and physical education curriculum include:

Fun group games encourage the whole class to participate;
Perfect for short and frequent brain-breaks;
Many activities are ideally suited for building aerobic and cardio-vascular exercise;
When facilitated well, group games can help build critical social and emotional skills within the group; and
Your group will enjoy the sheer joy that comes from playing many group games.

Group Activities Which Enhance Physical Education Curriculum
The images below provide links to a sample of group activities which can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum to teach health and physical education, drawn from playmeo’s ever-expanding activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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