Develop leadership skills with fun & engaging group games & activities

There is no question that the ability to lead is a very useful and powerful skill. Less clear is the question of what makes a good leader—in other words, what are leadership skills?

The ability to lead effectively relies on a number of key skills, but also that different leaders have very different characteristics and styles.

Leadership is situational, so there is no one right way to lead in all circumstances. One of the main characteristics of good leaders is their flexibility and ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

Leadership Is A Function Not A Title
Many people think of leadership as an essentially work-based characteristic. However, leadership roles are all around us and not just in work environments.

Ideally, people become leaders because they have credibility and generally manage others in ways that motivate, enthuse and build respect. It’s for these reasons people want to follow them.

Using this definition, it becomes clear that leadership skills can be applied to any situation where you are required to take the lead, professionally, socially, and at home in family settings. Importantly, leadership refers to the exercise or functioning of a particular set of skills, and less concerned about one’s title.

For example, leadership shows up in many places, some of which you may not immediately associate with this skill, eg responding to the death of a family member. In other words, leaders are not always appointed, and leadership skills are required in many situations.

Benefits of Developing Leadership Skills
In recent years, research has shown that the strongest and most successful organisations and groups tend to permit and actively encourage each member of the group or organisation to take the lead at appropriate times. Organisations and families with particularly controlling leaders, by contrast, tend to be fairly dysfunctional.

It is for this reason alone many organisations invest heavily in the development of leadership abilities of their students, staff and members. One of the most powerful and enjoyable ways to achieve this outcome is to play group games and activities.

Group Activities Which Develop Leadership Skills
The images below provide links to a sample of popular group activities which will help your group focus on, explore and practise their leadership skills, drawn from playmeo’s online activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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