A fun & effective way to loosen people up & get them comfortable with one another in an event is through team-building icebreakers.


A team-building icebreaker is a quick, smart way of getting the team members at ease with one another before they jump into the team-building challenges. It encourages teams to relax and allows them to build a foundation of trust with each other. After all, icebreakers are generally get-to-know-you games. Hence, we break the ice between two strangers.

Alternatively, for members that have known and worked with each other for a while, these icebreakers may be used to improve engagement and teamwork.

Therefore, starting a game with an icebreaker prepares the group for successful team-building in a short time. Without this, the teams may not be productive, willing members in a team-building event until later, if at all.


Common Components of Team-Building Icebreakers


A well-facilitated team-building icebreaker invites the team to be more productive and work together efficiently to achieve the goal. But not all icebreaker games can bring you the results you want for your groups.

Some common characteristics of successful icebreakers in team-building events include:

  • Encouragement to collaborate
  • Opportunities for members to be in the spotlight
  • Chances for members to be familiar with giving presentations and fielding questions
  • Improvement in communication and language
  • Understanding of how others think and work
  • Problem-solving exercises that involve fun and laughter
  • Discovery of similar interests and likes

Personal interactions don’t often happen organically, especially in the workplace. With group icebreaker games, not only do you offer employees a welcome break from their routine, but also a way to foster communication and trust.

If you are particularly interested in activities that need creativity and critical thinking, you can check out our team puzzle games.


Team-Building Icebreaker Ideas


The best icebreakers are easy and fun. The links below provide samples of creative team-building icebreakers from playmeo’s activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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