When conducting team building games for youth, the best approach is to keep it fun & casual while framing it as a challenge for them to overcome together.


The youth, especially in their teenage years, are in the process of discovering themselves and seeking out ways to fit in with the rest of their peers.

What these kids learn in this tumultuous, critical period in their lives will have a significant impact as they mature into young adults; therefore, it is essential for them to build self-confidence, develop life skills, and forge meaningful relationships.

Team building exercises and group games offer the perfect opportunity not only for the youth to learn how to work better with others, but also to improve their communication and social skills, critical thinking, and self-esteem. Participating in such activities also helps them learn how to take responsibility and be a good leader.


Making Group Games Appealing for the Youth


Whether it’s for a class, a sports group, a club, or camp, team building games for youth are a fun way to help them build relationships with each other and learn new life skills. But as the facilitator, you know it’s not always easy to get them to engage with the games.

Younger age groups can sometimes be rebellious or reluctant to try things that may embarrass them in front of their peers. They wouldn’t want to do boring activities!

To get them motivated to participate in group games, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Frame the activity as a challenge to ignite their competitive spirit.
  • Make the goal difficult but easy to understand and attainable; making it impossible to achieve only demotivates the participants.
  • Create a reward system to raise competition and excitement.
  • Set up a supportive and trusting environment.
  • Encourage participants to keep morale high.
  • Guide them when necessary during the activity.
  • Give them a chance to explore and experiment, so they get to think creatively and critically.
  • Prioritise making the game fun.


Ideas for Team Building Games for Youth


Here are some fantastic ideas for fun and challenging team building games that are attractive to youth, drawn from playmeo’s activity database. Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content!

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