Team-building activities for teachers can help to build positive relationships between staff, increase motivation, encourage creativity & foster greater collaboration.


At the start of a school year, there are not only a new group of students to meet, but there could be new teachers to meet too.

While the majority of a teacher’s time will be spent with their students, it’s also important for the faculty to get to know each other. This can help them feel comfortable approaching one another for assistance or to work together on projects throughout the year.

Even though teaching is a highly-rewarding occupation, it can be equally as stressful, so building relationships within the team will allow teachers to feel less alone. These relationships help teachers feel that they are able to call on others when they need to talk.

Team-building activities for teachers can be used at the start of the year before the kids return, to get everyone pumped up and eager to get stuck in to preparing their classrooms and curriculum. They are also a great way to relax everyone at the beginning of team meetings, boost morale, and improve overall working conditions.


Benefits of Team Exercises for Teachers


Team activities for educators are a great way to ‘break the ice’ when there is a group of new teachers, but they are also beneficial for staff that have been working together for years.

Implementing team-building activities at any time of year, whether it’s at the first staff meeting, teacher only days or every morning before the children arrive, brings a range of benefits to the group. These can include:

  • Inclusion of all teachers, regardless of how long they have been working together
  • Improved communication and better trust between staff members
  • Increased motivation for teachers to do their job effectively
  • Greater collaboration and networking
  • Encouragement of creativity and a way to uncover special skills and talents
  • An outlet for positive reinforcement and recognition


Ideas for Team-Building Activities for Teachers


To build relationships between teachers, boost morale and encourage collaboration, there are a range of team-building activities that can spark the interest of everyone involved.

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