Team-building activities for large groups foster trust & communication, to achieve cohesion, encourage teamwork & improve productivity.


There are plenty of team-building games and activities that work perfectly well with small groups of 15 – 25. But if you’re running an organisation-wide workshop, a youth camp, or an event involving hundreds of participants, it’s harder to get everyone engaged without them feeling excluded or feeling as though they’re missing out on the fun!

It goes without saying that in larger groups, it is harder for individuals to identify with each other and achieve cohesion. Successful team-building activities for large groups are those that inspire participants to actively get involved and work together on tasks to achieve the desired goal. They focus on trust-building and communication as well as igniting a high level of participation in the group.


Essential Characteristics of Effective Team Building Activities for Large Groups


Here are some of the essential characteristics of effective activities for big groups that build cohesion, teamwork, and improve group productivity:

High-energy and dynamic

Large groups are often synonymous with high energy, electrifying intensity, and vibrancy! Effective team-building activities harness this unique positive energy and dynamism typical of large groups.  By harnessing these strengths, you eliminate any inhibitions among participants and get them to be more enthusiastic about taking part in the group activities. After all, breaking down barriers is the first step to developing stronger teams.

Innovative and flexible

It can be a challenge for facilitators to engage hundreds of participants in a team-building activity. Novelty and flexibility are essential in making activities for sizable groups work. You need to bring fresh new ideas for activities that will allow you to pair people up or place them in more manageable smaller groups that could work independently. At the end of the activity, allow for sharing of experiences, learning, and insights with the larger group.

Interactive and engaging

Team-building activities for larger groups focus on engaging participants to work together to achieve a certain task or goal. Whether it’s to build, create, or develop something, activities that encourage interaction and individual contribution will increase trust, strengthen bonds, and result in highly productive teams. They also highlight individual personalities, aptitudes, and strengths, allowing managers and leaders to assign individuals to roles where they could shine and add value.

Simple and fun

Team-building exercises are more effective if they are easy-to-follow and do not require complicated instructions.  Avoid activities that will get your participants scratching their heads, leaving them confused and disengaged. Make sure to also inject fun and excitement in the activities.  Having fun together is the best way for people to get to know each other better and develop great camaraderie.


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