Team-building activities & games for kids are a great way to help them learn to work together, communicate clearly & bring out the creative side of their brains.


One of the primary goals of an educator is for the little ones under their care to succeed. Getting good grades is not the only formula to success, however. Research shows that teamwork is needed for success in the classroom, and eventually, in the workplace.

An excellent, fun way to develop that core skill, along with communication and out-of-the-box thinking, is through team-building. It teaches kids to find creative ways to work with each other to achieve a common goal.

Through such group games, children also learn more about their capabilities, raising their self-esteem when they achieve goals they thought were unattainable.


Benefits of Team-Building for Kids


Team-building plays a crucial part in child development. It helps kids hone their problem-solving and social skills.

Team-building activities for kids that foster communication, teamwork and trust are the most effective kind. They teach children how to:

  • Express themselves better
  • Respect others whom they share different views with
  • Build relationships with their peers
  • Listen to others better
  • Compromise with each other
  • Appreciate the value of teamwork
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Be more confident
  • Become effective leaders and team members

The lessons and skills they gain through team-building games can carry over to other aspects of their lives, and even into adulthood.

If you are interested in more challenging group games for older youth or adults, you can check out the rest of our team-building activities.


Ideas for Team-Building Activities for Kids


Team-building games for kids should be light, fun and easy to understand. Since they have a shorter attention span; it’s necessary to keep them engaged. The exercises should also focus on collaboration and cooperation over competition.

The pictures below provide links to samples of kid-friendly team-building activities from playmeo’s innovative activity database.

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