When done right, team-building activities & exercises for adults promote a dramatic, personal growth that improves work performance & overall happiness.


Playing nice with others is not just a lesson for kids, but also adults. In the workplace, teamwork is one of the ingredients for success, along with strong bonds, trust, and high morale.

Team-building is a fantastic way to bond and bring your employees together. However, poorly-executed activities may come off as unenjoyable and ineffective. Not only does that drop the chance of improving teamwork and productivity, but it also makes for a missed opportunity of many things: self-discovery, building better relationships, and giving the mind a refresh, to name a few.


Making Team-Building Activities for Adults More Effective


There are plenty of team-building activities that you can do, but not all of them can improve your employees for the better. Some games might be too easy to learn something new, while some might not be interactive enough to foster collaboration.

The goal is to see significant individual and group growth in the participants. To make sure that your adult-geared team-building exercises are effective:

  • Choose exciting group games
  • Pick the right venue for the activity
  • Promote high levels of excitement and team spirit
  • Ensure the game or the lesson can have real-world applications
  • Involve physical and verbal interaction to solve problems
  • Be mindful of personal limitations
  • Encourage healthy competition
  • Ensure opportunities for leadership and group cooperation to emerge
  • Use a ‘trial-and-error’ approach to learning

If you are particularly interested in simple, laughter-filled games that help people get to know each other, consider our suggestions for fun ice-breakers.


Team-Building Activity Ideas for Adults


Without effort, building a strong, happy, and healthy team won’t be possible. It is crucial to make team-building activities for adults engaging, challenging, and fun for them to be effective.

The pictures below provide links to samples of team-building games that working adults will enjoy from playmeo’s diverse activity database.

Enjoy browsing to your heart’s content.

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