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professional development

Seeking peer feedback. Photo Tim Gouw

Seek Peer Feedback

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode discusses the many benefits of seeking peer feedback to leverage your continuous improvement and professional development. In my experience, I have…

Swinging over a waterfall to try something new

Try Something New

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode explores the value of trying something new all the time. This attitude aims to preserve the ‘adventure’ of a group’s experience…

Mark Collard presenting a facilitator training workshop in China

Serious Fun PD Workshop in Texas

Tue 26 January 2016 Carrollton, TX, USA One-day Professional Development workshop, ideal for all program leaders who are looking to sharpen their program leadership skills…

Ryan & Kristin Eller at Stonehenge, travelling to Australia to lead Intentional Leadership Training workshop

Intentional Leadership Training by Ryan Eller

My good friend Ryan Eller is coming to Melbourne, Australia to deliver a one-day professional development ‘Intentional Leadership Training’ workshop for leaders. This is a…

Mark Collard presenting a facilitator training workshop in China

Training Workshop Tour of USA 2014

Mark Collard will be touring the USA in late September and early October on a six-state juggernaut, delivering a series of custom and open-enrolment training…

Girl swinging hula-hoop, as ideal summer professional development for teachers. Photo credit: Patricia Prudente

Become A Better Teacher – Play!

I’m a regular browser of Edutopia. Today, I came across a wonderful article which captured the essence of Dr Stuart Brown’s book ‘Play.’ I have…