Serious Fun PD Workshop in Texas

Tue 26 January 2016
Carrollton, TX, USA

prods_seriousfunn_front1One-day Professional Development workshop, ideal for all program leaders who are looking to sharpen their program leadership skills and add a bunch of new and fun group games and activities to their repertoire.

Presented by Mark Collard, sought-after experiential trainer and best-selling author, this workshop will:

  • Present dozens of highly successful group activities that have universal appeal, require few if any props and relate directly to your program’s key learning goals;
  • Model a simple yet powerful four-step sequence called the Difference Model that is proven to engage people in their learning & create remarkably fun programs;
  • Explore critical program design & facilitation skills such as how to engage unwilling participants, how to manage difficult behaviours, & how to exceed expectations; and
  • BONUS: receive a FREE copy of Mark’s latest book Serious Fun (RRP$30.)

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