connection before content

How to connect with others, heart painted on hands. Credit Tim Marshall

Empathy Leads to Connection which Leads to Trust

There are only two blogs I faithfully read every day when they are posted, and one of them is written by Seth Godin. This particular…

Stduents connecting before content. Photo credit: Thomas Young

Conglom: Connecting Before Content

The word ‘conglom’ is a term used to describe the ritual of daily meetings at the beginning of every school day at Riverside School in…

Building connections before content as seen by Thumb Wrestling in Trio

Building Connections Before Content

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode shares the extraordinary value and benefits of intentionally building trusting and healthy relationships within your group prior to the delivery…

the PE Geek interview Mark Collard

The PE Geek Interviews Mark Collard

Learn more about the power and value of developing authentic connections and relationships with participants, in this fun podcast interview hosted by Mr PE Geek,…