Building Connections Before Content

This week’s Facilitator Tips episode shares the extraordinary value and benefits of intentionally building trusting and healthy relationships within your group prior to the delivery of your program.

Developing strong connections before (the delivery of your) content matters, not only to the health of your group’s relationships and their performance but the success of your program too.

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  1. Anneliese

    As we in Pennsylvania are preparing to enter the standardized testing “season”, I needed to be reminded. Connections are the most valuable teaching tool I have. Thank you!

    • Mark Collard

      Yes, Anneliese, in a world where the most common question in the classroom is “Will this be on the test?” I can feel your pain. IMHO, helping your students to learn how to build and strengthen relationships is one of the most important skills a teacher can impart. All the best.

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I'm an experiential trainer, keynote speaker & author of three best-selling books. As the founder and director of playmeo, I am passionate about building connections through play.

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