Small group team-building activities & games are designed to teach participants to think, move & work as one so they can achieve a common goal. These activities are centred around helping them develop critical teamwork & communication skills.


The most effective programs always make good use of team-building activities, whether for a small or large group within any type of organisation.

These activities entail the use of different aspects of being a productive team member, both physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Essential Characteristics of Effective Small Group Activities


Every successful small group team-building activity features the following five major characteristics:

  • Fun as a major component
  • Has one end goal in mind
  • Helps participants to focus on their problem-solving skills
  • Helps promote creative thinking
  • Boosts everyone’s morale

As the program or activity manager or facilitator, you must encourage everyone to bring in their A-game and participate in order to see real results from these activities. As these are team-building activities, the only way to reap the benefits is to encourage everyone to have input and actively share in the activity.

This is even more important if the participants are not normally connected in their day-to-day work. As such, these activities will give team members the time and opportunity to become close with their co-workers, which can contribute to the success of the team and of the organisation as a whole.

Ideally, team-building activities should be paired with a few trust-building activities. You may find some of these wonderful activities here.


Small-Group Team-Building Activities Ideas


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