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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Leading Remarkably Fun Programs

Unabridged audio narration of Serious Fun, as read by the author Mark Collard.

A practical and inspirational guide to leading interactive group games & activities to help people connect. It will equip you with the skills and strategies you need to create remarkably fun programs that will engage your group and invite them to play, interact, share & build trust.


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  • Have you ever been asked to run a few ‘ice-breaker’ activities?
  • Are you thinking of leading some ‘team-building’ exercises?
  • Are you new to program leadership and don’t know where to start?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any or all of these questions, this book is for you.

Jam-packed with inspiration and practical advice, Serious Fun describes a unique, yet simple, four-step model that will transform your programs from ‘Oh, no, not that again,’ to ‘Wow, that was amazing!’

If you’re a school teacher, corporate trainer, outdoor educator, conference organiser or camp/youth group leader, this book will help you create incredibly fun programs that will leave your group feeling engaged, valued and meaningfully connected to others.

Here’s What You’ll Learn
  • The seven mistakes program leaders make, and how to fix them,
  • The four-step sequence to leading remarkably fun programs,
  • The five essential ingredients of a successful ‘ice-breaker,’
  • How to create a fun, safe and supportive learning environment,
  • How to manage difficult behaviours, such as unwilling participants,
  • Solutions to more than twenty common programming problems.

Take fun more seriously. If you want to inject more fun and value into your programs, this book is your blueprint.

Also available as a paperback, PDF ebook and Amazon Kindle.

Written and narrated by the author, Mark Collard (4.5 hours, 260MB mp3.)

ISBN 978 0992 5464 03

  • Seth Godin with Mark Collard

    This book will wake up, inspire & most important, raise the bar for those we entrust with our programs & meetings.

    Seth Godin, best-selling author, USA

  • Wendy Lewis, Girl Guides CEO headshot

    Serious Fun captures how Mark engages people. He is a master of delivering fantastic programs & this book brings it all together.

    Wendy, non-profit ceo, Australia

  • Headshot of Karl Rohnke tribute author of Silver Bullets, playmeo contributor

    If you’re new to adventure programming, buy this book. It’s all you need to get started in the right direction & keep you there.

    Karl Rohnke, best-selling author, USA

  • Andrew Griffiths headshot for book testimonial

    I love Mark's quote ‘Let’s take fun more seriously.' His ideas are perfect for anyone leading the revolution against boring events.

    Andrew Griffiths, small business author, Australia

  • Ryan Eller Live Your List podcast headshot

    Mark absolutely nails it. He is, truly, a programming ninja.

    Ryan, podcast broadcaster, USA

  • Andrew Davis headshot for book testimonial

    Mark’s expertise & depth of knowledge has been highly valued by all of our students for many years. This book is priceless.

    Andrew, outdoor recreation lecturer, Australia

  • Anoushka Gungadin headshot for testimonial

    This book is about connecting with your tribe in the most fun & engaging way - a must-have component in any program.

    Anoushka, non-profit ceo, Australia

  • Sean de Morton, Ironman athlete & playmeo advocate

    What you share in your book changed me as a teacher! It’s that simple.

    Sean, pe teacher, Australia

  • Chad Littlefield headshot

    You had me jumping up to write things down & at least 10 concrete, actionable ideas that I put into practice immediately.

    Chad, adventure educator, USA

  • Lauren Popkin headshot

    Every camp leader should read this book. Mark knows what he’s talking about & has tons of practical experience to back it up.

    Lauren, summer camp owner, USA

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